Group Specials

If you run a daycare, church group, preschool class, Headstart program, or other business or nonprofit organization, we have special rates for you beginning at 10 or more kids. See the prices below and give us a call when you're ready to schedule your event. Note that events must be scheduled at least one week in advance to unlock these special rates (it's never too early to book--the earlier the better!), otherwise you're just subject to the normal admission price.

The information and pricing here is intended for organized groups only (such as the businesses and non-profits described above), not for informal gatherings of friends or walk-in parties. For birthday parties, see our Parties page.

All groups must schedule at least 7 days in advance for special rates. Groups arriving without scheduling at least one week in advance are subject to the standard $8/child admission price regardless of how many kids they have.

  • Socks are required.

  • No outside food permitted, so please plan accordingly, whether than means eating prior to arrival/after departure, or ordering food with us. See flyer above for available food options.

  • Payment by cash or credit on day of event.

  • Last little thing: In order to always be able to reliably produce the same great experience for every visitor year after year, our group pricing and policies are not up for negotiation. Everything you've read on this page is what goes--no exceptions.