Here you can find anything and everything relating to parties at SeaBase. Read carefully and give us a call when you're ready to schedule.

Party Information

Birthday parties at SeaBase start at $158.89 for up to 10 kids, plus one free birthday child. Children beyond 10 are $14.99 each.

You will have use of one of five private rooms with seating for 20 for an hour and a half (you can stay to play as long as you want after that), a personal host/hostess, and a large pizza and pitcher of drinks for every 5 children in the party. All paper products are included as well. Each child will receive 10 arcade tokens and either a game of laser tag or a ride on the train. The birthday child will receive a voucher to redeem for prizes at the front counter. NEW: The birthday child now also receives a free ticket for the Laser Maze!

For larger parties, or if you would simply like to have extra space, we offer our Whale Room at $317.79 for up to 20 kids, plus a free birthday child (still $14.99 per child beyond 20). The Whale Room has seating for approximately 30.

A description of exactly how we run our parties is at the bottom of the page, as are printable invitations and thank you cards.

View the attached flyer for itemized party information, including a wide range of food options for the adults at your party.

We encourage you to book your party at least 2-3 weeks in advance to make sure you get your first choice of day and time, although depending on availability we can accommodate you on shorter notice. Please note that payment is due immediately upon booking for parties less than 10 days away.

Generally the initial $158.89 for 10 kids+1 (or $317.79 for 20+1 in the case of the Whale Room) is due within one week to secure your booking. If we haven't heard from you for payment within one week after scheduling, your party is considered canceled. Any kids beyond 10 (20 for the Whale Room) are paid for the day of the party.

If you think you'd like additional time in the room, the only option is to double the time with a simple double payment when scheduling. For example, if you're having a party of 20 kids, just expect to pay for two parties of 20 kids. Please speak with a manager if there's any confusion on this point.

Parties booked last minute (considered less than 6 days away) are generally discouraged, but you are more than welcome to bring in a cake (no other outside food) and do an informal, walk-in "galley party" in the general seating area. If choosing this avenue, please understand that our priority is our regular, scheduled parties. We do not reserve tables for walk-ins and we have no capacity for a "will call" style check in whereby you prepay for guests and we let them in. We ask that one of the parents for any informal, walk-in parties wishing to pay for their guests stand near the front to pay as their guests arrive.


We now have Dippin Dots ice cream!
Ask your party host about adding it on to your party.
Flavors: Chocolate, Rainbow, Cookies 'n' Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy

Overnight Parties

Overnight parties are a great option if you're looking to do something unique for a special birthday, team gathering, or group outing. You will have private use of the building from 10pm-7am, including one hour of unlimited laser tag, one pizza and a pitcher of drinks for every 5 children, and 10 game tokens for each child.

$450 for up to 15 kids; $18.99 each beyond 15.

Call or stop in to schedule your overnight party.


Additional Information


The format of our parties is as follows:

As the party parent, you should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start time, although the room itself will not be available until 10-15 minutes beforehand. This is a good time to tell your guests to arrive.

At check-in, your guests receive 10 tokens for the arcade and a wristband; parents are given a matching name tag, and they are directed back to your room. At or near your start time, the host/hostess serves the kids pizza and drinks, and then aids in cutting and distributing the cake. Optionally, you may unwrap gifts in the room (although for larger parties this might be better done at home or outside the room after the party in order to save time).

Next, the kids are brought to the front as a group for their turn in either laser tag or on the train (they may decide for themselves which they would like to do). After this, they are off to play and you and your guests are free to stay as long as you'd like. Near the end of the hour and a half, you will be asked to come do a quick survey and pay for any additional food and guests beyond ten.

Please note that we must keep parties running on time and there is little wiggle room to delay the start. We prepare food to be ready at or very near the start time, so asking to delay the start for the odd guest running late may affect the quality and likely make the rest of your party feel rushed. This is especially important on busy weekends with multiple parties.

Example timeline for a party, we'll say one held 12:00pm-1:30pm:

  • 11:30 - You, the party parent arrives. Guests arrive anytime after you and receive their tokens at check-in. Your time with the room doesn't begin until closer to 12:00 though.
  • 11:45-11:55 - Your room will be open and ready for you to set up.
  • 12:00 - Your party's start time. Food is served within the first 15 minutes, then cake, then gifts are opened if desired.
  • 1:00(ish) - Usually by now all food and cake has been eaten, gifts have been opened, and the kids are anxious to play. Your host will bring all the kids to the front as a group for their turn in either the train or laser tag, then they're free to go play. Parents and other adults usually use this time to linger and chat in the party room.
  • 1:20-1:35 - Your host will ask you to come to the front counter to check out any extra kids or additional food items and to fill out a quick survey. This is the end of your party time in the room and the host needs to begin cleaning and setting up for the next party. You are welcome to stay to play in SeaBase as long as you'd like.

Party Polices

  • In order to hold your room, you must pay the initial $158.89 (or $317.79 in the case of the Whale Room) in advance, generally within one week of booking your party OR one week before your party, whichever comes first. If we have not heard from you by this date, your party is considered canceled.
  • Any kids beyond 10 (or 20 for the Whale Room) are paid for the day of the party. No checks.
  • If you need to cancel your party, you may do so for a full refund up to one week before your party. Once you're inside of 7 days before the party, we can only reschedule.
  • No outside food (except a cake) or drinks are permitted.
  • Decorations in the room should be limited to those that can be put up and taken down in roughly 5 minutes. Please limit use of tape.
  • The following are not allowed: confetti, glitter/items with glitter coating, piñatas, smash cakes, silly string, and any other messy items.

Printable invitations


Printable thank you cards



With more than 20 years of experience running birthday parties, we know you and your kids will find having a party at SeaBase to be the easiest and most fun option available.